Our terms & conditions

All work undertaken by Ignition Rooms is subject to the following terms of business, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Ignition Rooms shall be referred to as the Facility.

1. Any booking for the Facility can only be accepted if confirmed in writing to hello@ignitionrooms.co.uk. Any cancellations or amendments to bookings may also only be accepted in writing to the same email address.

2. Any quotation is valid for one month from the date of submission. Thereafter the Facility reserves the right to revise the quotation.

3. The fees quoted are for the hire of Ignition Rooms as set out in the specification; any changes made at the client’s request may result in additional fees.

4. Unless the contrary is stated in the quotation, the fees quoted are subject to the addition of VAT at the appropriate rate in accordance with H.M. Customs and Excise regulations. Interest maybe charged on late payment, under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 calculated on a daily basis from the date the invoice is due until the debt is paid

5. The fees quoted will be invoiced 100% on completion.

6. Terms of payment are 30 days from date of invoice unless stated otherwise.

7. The Facility cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by weather, transport difficulties, industrial action, demonstrations, terrorist action or other circumstances beyond its control.

8. The Facility reserves the right to adjust the fee in the event of subsequent alteration of the agreed specification.

9. In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, research specifications and proposals provided by the Facility at the request of a client when the Facility receives neither the commission nor payment for the proposals, remain the property of the client or the Facility respectively.  Their contents may not be revealed to third parties without permission.

10. In the event of any dispute arising as a result of a booking, the maximum liability awarded by the Facility shall be equal to and no more than the value of the hire fee for the booking.

11. The Facility shall under no circumstances be liable for any failure or defective working of audio or visual equipment or for any subsequent cost incurred. All equipment is tested regularly.

12. In the event of fieldwork or studio hire being postponed or cancelled after commissioning (i.e. confirmation of booking), cancellation fees will be charged at the following rates:

Within 5 working days of date booked: 100%
Within 6 – 10 working days of date booked: 75%
Within 11 – 20 working days of date booked: 50%
More than 20+ working days of date booked: No charge
Please note that a working day is any working day from Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 5.30pm.

13. Video / audio recordings will be stored on file for 12 months unless stated or agreed otherwise.

14. The Facility reserves the right to invoice any 3rd party responsible for the booking if required.

15. All incidental expenses, hire of services and facilities incurred prior to postponement/cancellation to be charged in full.

16. The Facility reserves the right to charge in the event of using the Facility prior to the designated start time, excessive overrun or exceptional office service usage. Clients/researchers may turn up 1 hour before fieldwork commences, and stay for 1 hour after completion without any additional costs being incurred.

17. The Studios cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to client’s property or stored materials unless caused by negligence on the part of the Facility.

18. Only hot drinks and water are provided (complimentary) to respondents unless otherwise requested at least 48 hours in advance of fieldwork.

19. Only food and drink provided by the Facility can be consumed on the premises.

20. The Facility cannot be held responsible for any failing in the quality or number of respondents attending unless it is the case that Ignition Rooms has been commissioned and paid to recruit such respondents

21. The Facility may add your company logo to its website as a visiting client unless requested otherwise in writing.

22. All incentives are to be supplied in cash by the client unless otherwise arranged. Where the Facility organises incentives on behalf of the client, the monies to cover these incentives must be cleared in Ignition Rooms’ designated bank account account 24 hours before the booking takes place. A £50 handling charge will be applied. If the Facility is to provide incentives for the project, a 20% charge of the total incentive monies provided will be charged (this can only be done by prior arrangement)

23. The Facility can offer 2 free parking spaces to clients subject to availability. We must be made aware of large numbers of attendees in advance if extra parking is required (which may be possible), to ensure the best chance of a space being available. Plentiful paid parking is available directly opposite the Facility.